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Smarter than RPO

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Is that what you really want – to outsource your recruitment process? Or do you simply want the most expeditious and cost-effective path to great hires?

In any case, Recruitment Process Outsourcing seems to be today’s name for high volume recruiting. Everybody says they do it. But what is it? Over the years the definition of RPO has become muddled due to the number of companies that have jumped onto that bandwagon. If you ask ten companies for their interpretation of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, you will most likely get ten different answers. However, most share the following characteristics:

  • A long term contractual volume and dollar commitment is required.
  • The employer gives up some or all control of the recruitment process in exchange for scalability.
  • There is no focus on enhancing the employer’s internal recruitment and hiring competencies.
  • Often RPO Recruiters/Sourcers are inexperienced, and located offshore or in remote call centers.
  • There is anxiety associated with outsourcing such a core business function.

Recruitment Partnering

 Decision Toolbox was a pioneer of the concept of RPO, but we offer several advantages over the traditional model:

  • No minimum volume commitment is required. Whether we are talking a handful or hundreds of positions, we apply the same quality standards to every search.

  • No binding contractual commitment is required. We believe it is our responsibility to earn your repeat business every day.

  • You gain on-demand scalability while retaining complete control over your recruiting operation.

  • We seek to enhance the productivity of your existing recruiting team.

  • DT’s recruiters are all senior, US-based professionals with corporate and agency experience.

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Partnership with Clean Energy Fuels
"Since 2011, Decision Toolbox and Clean Energy have maintained a successful partnership, recruiting for more than 250 positions to date." Read More
  • 6.9 % average cost per DT hire
  • 9 median days to present the hired candidate
  • 100 % median client satisfaction
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In addition to great hires, with DT as your recruitment partner you gain

  • Control and Freedom

    Log on any time to check the status of your hire. Our transparency provides peace of mind.

  • Confidence and Kudos

    Our first job is to make you look good. Our 1-year guarantee promises we will.

  • Intelligence and Insight

    Proprietary software and processes create unique, fresh routes to success.

See what our clients are saying…

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  • " Great process..very professional..speed of search and follow-up from (DT Recruiter) was great. Thanks a lot!! "
  • " Thank you all - You truly are a DREAM TEAM! "
  • " (DT Recruiter) and Decision Toolbox are Rock Stars! "
  • " (DT Recruiter) is great! It's eminently clear that she's invested in the best possible outcome for both clients and candidates -- she was always available for updates, candid thoughts and juggles to the schedule. She made a fairly onerous task manageable and (dare I say this out loud?) fun! You have a treasure on your staff and I look forward to working with her again! "
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