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Candidate Sourcing

Smarter Candidate Sourcing

In addition to the expert candidate sourcing that is a critical component of Decision Toolbox’s full service search,  we  offer a number of a la carte options:

Name Generation

Our sourcers mine the internet at large to find individuals who appear to have the qualifications you specify. Vetting can be cursory or can include thorough phone screening to identify which individuals are both qualified and interested.

Talent Mapping / Competitive Mapping

More intensive than Name Generation, we do the research to find individuals within companies that you specify who meet the qualifications you desire. We then map these names into the company’s hierarchy and utilize all of DT’S search tools (proprietary tools, job boards, Web 2.0 and cold calling) to provide contact information.

Talent Pipelining

Here our sourcers build a pool of talent for future openings. We can be as involved as you like in keeping the pool “warm.”

Screening or engaging candidates in your database or from a list provided by you

If your applicant database is out of control or you have lists that you don’t have time to cultivate yourself, we can contact the individuals, determine who is qualified, interested and available, and create/update records accordingly. This sometimes requires several attempts to contact each person, but we can be as persistent as you want us to be.


This can entail anything from competitive business intelligence to why your ex-employees really left your company.

Candidate Sourcing included in Full Service Search

“Leave no stone unturned to leave no seat unfilled.”

Are the best candidates for any given position actively looking for a job, passively looking for a better opportunity, or happily employed and not looking at all? The answer is “Yes!” The only difference is timing. That’s why we cover all three bases in how we approach candidate sourcing for your positions.

Your job is to hire the best possible candidates. Our job is to find them and get them in front of you.

It’s fairly easy to attract someone who is looking for a job. Our uniquely friendly and insightful opportunity descriptions (Jobinfo Writeups) and engaging applicant portal give us a real leg up in this arena. Contrary to what those with other vested interests say, Monster, CareerBuilder, craigslist and other major and niche job boards still produce solid candidates for most positions. And those candidates are great sources of referrals of other candidates. So we include those job boards in our sourcing mix.

The hard work comes in finding and motivating the people for whom your open position is the ideal opportunity, but who are not actively looking for a new job. Our recruiters and dedicated sourcers are passionate about this aspect of our service. It is a matter of pride and satisfaction, and we take it as our responsibility to provide you with the very best talent that can be found through our vast array of sourcing channels, including your competitors, social networks, associations, alumni groups, forums/discussions, advanced internet mining techniques, and good old fashioned referrals. And even though all of our recruiters are accomplished professionals with an average of 15 years of recruiting experience, we provide weekly skill enhancement classes to ensure we are as sharp as can be.

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In addition to great hires, with DT as your recruitment partner you gain

  • Control and Freedom

    Log on any time to check the status of your hire. Our transparency provides peace of mind.

  • Confidence and Kudos

    Our first job is to make you look good. Our 1-year guarantee promises we will.

  • Intelligence and Insight

    Proprietary software and processes create unique, fresh routes to success.

See what our clients are saying…

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  • " The entire team at Decision Toolbox has been amazing. I am very impressed with the level of professionalism, the quick response time and follow through as well as the ease of using your on-line tools. (DT Recruiter) has been a pleasure to work with and has done an outstanding job narrowing down the search to give us several candidates that will make our final decision very difficult. "
  • " (DT Recruiter) is awesome, thanks for the tremendous effort and, more importantly, the incredible candidates! "
  • " (DT Recruiter) shows so much dedication to both her candidates and clients and she has the ability to find the needles in the haystacks. The DT Team were very professional and their attention to detail is second to none! I would welcome the opportunity to work with (DT Recruiter) and the DT Team on any recruiting project. "
  • " (DT Recruiter) is one of the outstanding professional recruiters and has sophisticated interpersonal skills. "
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