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If you're ready to find your Los Angeles candidate, Decision Toolbox can help.
If you're ready to find your Los Angeles candidate, Decision Toolbox can help.
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Decision Toolbox is a premier sales recruitment agency specializing in the Los Angeles market. We have more than 20 years of experience in the area and understand the unique challenges and opportunities Los Angeles provides. To hire “best in class” sales talent in this fast-paced, competitive landscape, you’ll need a recruitment agency that will serve as a partner and help you meet your hiring goals whether you want to fill one role or need a complete Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution.

Why Decision Toolbox

Decision Toolbox uses a unique approach to each open position by leveraging:

A team of experts, including a Sales Recruiter, a highly-skilled Sourcer, a professional Writer, and a Media Specialist
We build a focused marketing piece known as the Jobinfo Writeup, then thoroughly explore the position ensuring we understand exactly what skills, soft and hard, are necessary for success in the role
Finally, we develop and launch a branded campaign that includes marketing collateral, in-depth sourcing, advertising and more

We spend a bit more time on the frontend, but the result on the backend of the search is tight funnel of highly-qualified candidates to choose from. And, you’ll have access to candidate data, screening notes and project progress through Recruiting Machine, our robust data exchange platform. With our experience, sales recruitment expertise, local knowledge, technology and proven process, Decision Toolbox has everything you need for a successful hire.

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Our unique talent acquisition process ensures

  • Deep Candidate Field

    The key is finding and motivating the people for whom your open position is the ideal opportunity, but who may not be actively looking for a new job.

  • Phenomenal Value

    Our surprisingly low cost belies the amount of work we do to ensure the quality of your hires.

  • No Surprises

    Our process is extremely transparent to you. You can watch every aspect of a search unfold in real time.

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Oh No You Didn't! Top 10 Mistakes Made By Candidates & Hiring Managers

This white paper is a fun read that compares the interviewing and hiring process to dating, with practical tips for both job candidates and hiring managers.

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  • " (DT Recruiter) is the best I have ever worked with in the recruiting space. She is fantastic! Your people, process, and technology are all top notch. You guys have this thing figured out. Kudos on a great business model, and fabulous execution! "
  • " (DT Recruiter) was great. A real professional and all around good guy who really worked hard to find us the right candidate. "
  • " (DT Recruiter) is an amazing recruiter to work with. Always willing to stick it out through tough searches and as amicable as they come. She is the perfect model of success in a business that requires perseverance and excellent customer service. "
  • " This service was fantastic. "
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