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Houston Recruiter

Decision Toolbox boasts a 95% client satisfaction rating, and a 12 month warranty for all Houston recruits.
Decision Toolbox boasts a 95% client satisfaction rating, and a 12 month warranty for all Houston recruits.

A Leading Houston Recruiter

From Beachtown to Midtown, Simms Woods to Cherryhurst, companies around Houston have learned that the recruiters at Decision Toolbox continuously deliver the candidates they need to drive business. And, unlike other recruiting firms who charge 30% or more of the salary, our average cost per hire is just 7%.

How We’re Set Apart from Other Houston Recruiters

For some companies, a successful placement at a disruptively low-fee is all they need to know about our Houston recruiters. But there’s so much more to know.

  • We move quickly. Success waits for no one, which is why we quickly attract the most qualified, in-demand candidates the moment a job is opened. And our average placement is made in 14 days.
  • We know culture matters. A candidate’s ability to fit within your corporate culture and your ability to fill their needs matters.
  • We respect your time. By applying multi-stage screening you only see the best candidates who have passed our passed our structured online and phone screening processes.
  • We have the experience. Our Houston recruiters have honed their process over the last 20+ years and the proof can be found in our strong track record and reputation, proven successes and numerous awards.
  • We take a different approach. We leverage a multi-pronged approach that incorporates advanced Internet mining, and branded marketing campaigns and referrals to reach qualified active and passive software prospects.

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Our unique talent acquisition process ensures

  • Deep Candidate Field

    The key is finding and motivating the people for whom your open position is the ideal opportunity, but who may not be actively looking for a new job.

  • Phenomenal Value

    Our surprisingly low cost belies the amount of work we do to ensure the quality of your hires.

  • No Surprises

    Our process is extremely transparent to you. You can watch every aspect of a search unfold in real time.

See what our clients are saying…

Believe it or not, we don’t have giant heads. See More Client Quotes

  • " This service was fantastic. "
  • " (DT Recruiter) is hands-down the best recruiter I've ever worked with. She totally "gets it." As usual she exceeded expectations and did a fabulous job. This was a very tough position, but despite multiple obstacles she never gave up or let it get her down. She's like the Energizer Bunny -- she just keeps going. Kudos! And Thanks. "
  • " (DT Recruiter) is just awesome. Her follow up ethic is perfect and she's just a joy to work with. Thanks for all your help. "
  • " (DT Recruiter) was great. A real professional and all around good guy who really worked hard to find us the right candidate. "
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