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hiring managers and recruiters

Recruiting Hiring Managers as Partners

This 4-page white paper is a fun read that shares tips to help ensure hiring managers and recruiters are active, engaged partners in the recruiting process. You will learn: How to present an opportunity of choice The difference between attracting and screening Small concessions you can make to get a bigger pool of qualified candidates How […]

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White Paper: Leadership Without Management – Pipe Dream Or Viable Model?

Plenty has been written about the differences between leadership and management, and many professionals have worked hard to ensure their style incorporates the best of both. But if you provide the right leadership, is it possible to run a “management-less” organization? Well, at Decision Toolbox we’re doing it. Notice we didn’t say “we’ve done it;” […]

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positive candidate experience white paper

Secret Weapon in the War for Talent: Positive Candidate Experience

This white paper is a fun read that outlines the five stages in the candidate experience and includes tips on how you can optimize each one.

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Oh No You Didn’t! Top 10 Mistakes Made By Candidates & Hiring Managers

This white paper is a fun read that compares the interviewing and hiring process to dating, with practical tips for both job candidates and hiring managers.

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Bite Me eBook

Follow one woman’s 20-year business journey, and how — without classic business training — she solved some of the fundamental challenges facing all businesses today. The book takes a large bite out of typical corporate culture.

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