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Non-Profit Relief Program

Nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes need help badly. Funding has been slashed across the board. Decision Toolbox donates tens of thousands of dollars yearly to charitable causes. This program provides a way to channel additional thousands of dollars to one or more nonprofit organizations about which you are passionate. Here’s how:

Decision Toolbox will donate on your behalf to the nonprofit org of your choice 8% of our first TWO years’ revenue with any company that becomes a client as a result of a warm introduction by you.

1. YOU make the introduction

You introduce Decision Toolbox to a decision maker at a company that has current or near future hiring needs. The individual could be in Human Resources management, a direct hiring authority or an executive. The company could be your current employer, a previous employer, where your spouse or neighbor is a manager or executive — it doesn’t matter. No selling whatsoever is required on your part. You are simply suggesting that your contact have a conversation with DT’s CEO or CGO, because Decision Toolbox is an alternative recruitment company getting attention in the industry. We would be happy to provide you with tips on how to make the introduction.

2. WE make the presentation

Our CEO or CGO meets with that individual (phone or in person) to review his/her hiring challenges and present Decision Toolbox’s recruitment solution. You are welcome, but not expected to participate in that meeting or any further discussions or negotiations.

3. YOUR FAVORITE NONPROFIT receives hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If the company you refer becomes a client as a result of your introduction, Decision Toolbox donates 8% of our first two years’ revenue with that company to the nonprofit organization of your choice on your behalf. Depending on the hiring needs of the company, this can easily grow into tens of thousands of dollars.

How to get started

  • Think of one professional you know, with whom you have mutual respect, who is an Executive or Director, either in Human Resources or in a department that is hiring.
  • Contact us to register as a Decision Toolbox Channel Partner if you are not already registered. It takes five minutes and there is absolutely no cost or time commitment required by you.
  • Get in touch with your contact and recommend that they have a conversation with Decision Toolbox’s CEO or CGO to find out how DT’s recruitment approach could benefit their company. If they express interest, log the referral in our Channel Partner portal. We will follow up with you or them, based on the notes you log.
  • At any point in time you are welcome to speak with a member of DT’s leadership for insight and tips, but please only if you have a specific prospect in mind. Again, we are not looking for people to go out and market or sell our services.

Key points

  • You can monitor the status of your referrals and payments made by Decision Toolbox online in our Channel Partner Portal.
  • If you do not have a philanthropic cause about which you are passionate, you can opt to receive one year of 8% revenue share yourself any company that becomes a DT client as a result of your warm introduction. (This would not prevent you from donating some or all of that money to one or more charities yourself.)
  • You can introduce Decision Toolbox to your current employer and have the 8% revenue share go directly to a nonprofit, but you cannot earn the 8% revenue share yourself if the company is your current employer.
  • Do not send mass emails to your contacts. If you do, you may be disqualified from this program. This program is about relationships and trust. Decision Toolbox has built our business by earning referrals and repeat business. If you would like advice on how to approach a contact, just ask!
  • We realize it is our responsibility to make every client happy with our services and thankful that you referred them.


Q: Isn’t this just a clever marketing ploy to get more business for Decision Toolbox?

A: No. It is a win-win-win scenario. Decision Toolbox already gives generously to charitable causes. Under this program, we take dollars that would normally go into business expansion (sales salaries, sales commissions and bonus plans, advertising, marketing, trade shows and conferences, sponsorships, etc.) and give those dollars to charitable causes instead. For sure, Decision Toolbox benefits because we are introduced to new clients we might not otherwise have had the opportunity to service. But that does not negate the fact that nonprofits win because they receive potentially unlimited donations that they would not have otherwise had. And the whole thing only works because Decision Toolbox provides a superior solution to clients’ recruitment challenges at a cost-effective price, meaning the client benefits as well.

Q: Doesn’t Decision Toolbox pay Channel Partners for referring clients? How does this Program differ from Decision Toolbox’s Channel Partner Program?

A: Under the normal DT Channel Partner program, Channel Partners receive 8% of the first year’s revenue from companies that become clients as a result of an introduction. Under the Nonprofit Relief Program, if a Channel Partner opts to have his/her revenue share go to a philanthropic cause instead of taking it personally, DT continues the 8% revenue share donation for a SECOND YEAR. And the Nonprofit Relief revenue share donations even apply if the Channel Partner refers his/her current employer.

Q: Are all companies eligible to become Decision Toolbox clients under this program?

A: Any company that is not already a Decision Toolbox client is eligible to become a DT client under this program.

Q: What if I don’t know very much about Decision Toolbox or the recruiting industry?

A: Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need a deep understanding of our business in order to make an introduction. You don’t. Of course we will answer any questions you have and provide tips on how to introduce DT, but your goal is not to formally present or “sell” Decision Toolbox. Let us be the experts in presenting Decision Toolbox in detail. Your role is simply to pique your contact’s interest in having a conversation with the CEO or CGO of this alternative recruitment company that is getting a lot of buzz.

Q: Why would I put my reputation on the line for you if I don’t know you?

A: People who know Decision Toolbox are happy to put their reputation on the line for us. But if you don’t know us, your introduction can be extremely non-committal. You are not trying to convince your contact to do business with Decision Toolbox, but simply suggesting that they have a conversation with us if they are interested in learning about an alternative recruiting company that is growing quickly by reputation.

Q: What if I don’t know any corporate decision makers?

A: This program may not work for you. The key is to be able to make an introduction to someone who knows and respects you, without doing any selling or cold calling.

Q: Is there any limit to how many companies I can introduce?

A: No.

Q: Are all nonprofit organizations eligible to receive the revenue share donations?

A: Any federally recognized 501(c) organization is eligible to receive revenue share donations.

Q: Can I direct donations to more than one nonprofit organization?

A: The way the program is currently structured, revenue from any one client can only be shared with one nonprofit (for two years) or with you (for one year) directly. However, if over time you refer multiple clients, you can direct the revenue share for each client differently.

Q: What constitutes a valid referral for which I will get credit?

A: There are four criteria:

  1. You need to be registered as a Decision Toolbox Channel Partner. There is no cost or commitment on your part in order to be registered as a Channel Partner. You can contact us to register, but please read the rest of the information on this page first.
  2. You must submit your referral in the Channel Partner Portal. Once you are registered as a Channel Partner, you can log into the Channel Partner Portal to make a referral and view the status of any existing referrals.
  3. You need to arrange a phone call or meeting between your contact and DT’s CEO or CGO – or – have your contact prepared to receive a call from us – or – have your contact reach out to our CEO or CGO. Simply sending an email or leaving a message for your contact does not qualify. In fact, sending mass emails can disqualify you from this program.
  4. Your referred company must initiate its first search or at least indicate a clear, good faith intention to do business with DT within 90 days of your introduction. Otherwise, your referral expires and the company is eligible to be referred by someone else.

Q: What if more than one Channel Partner refers the same client?

A: Decision Toolbox will make a good faith determination of whose referral resulted in landing the client. If two or more referrals were equally at cause, the revenue share credit will be divided between the Channel Partners.

Q: If you can afford to donate that much money, doesn’t that mean you are over-charging for your services?

A: Not at all! In any business there are costs associated with acquiring new clients – sales salaries, sales commissions and bonus plans, advertising, marketing, trade shows and conferences, sponsorships – the list goes on. We would rather invest those dollars into charitable causes through this program.

Q: How much can one client introduction generate in donations?

A: It depends on the amount of business we do with the client. If a small company only needs help filling a position here and there, it could be $1,000 or less. If a large company partners with DT to fill hundreds or thousands of positions over the course of the year, it could be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Q: When are donations/payments made?

A: Payments are made by Decision Toolbox within two weeks of receipt of payment of each invoice by the client.

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