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APR 19, 2016

Take Back the Time: Alternatives to Multitasking

By Kathy Marshall, Director of Recruitment Quality and Client Engagement With Tom Brennan, Master Writer   It would be hard to find a job posting that doesn’t list “the ability to multitask” among the requirements. We live in a busy and demanding world and most of us believe that, without multitasking, we never would get […]

solution disruptors
MAR 2, 2016

2016 Recruiting Trends: Solution Disruptors Will Drive Career Booms & Busts

By Kim Shepherd, CEO, and Loren Miner, COO With Tom Brennan, Master Writer If you missed part 1, check it out here: 2016 Recruiting Trends: Boomers Beware! The Generation Balance has Flipped One of the most intriguing trends we are anticipating in the coming year is the rise of solution disruptors. We’re not talking about industry […]

2016 recruiting trends
MAR 1, 2016

2016 Recruiting Trends: Boomers Beware! The Generation Balance has Flipped

  By Kim Shepherd, CEO, and Loren Miner, COO With Tom Brennan, Master Writer   Your adaptation muscles are probably sore from the workout they got dealing with constant change in 2015. Well, stay hydrated — 2016 is going to step up the pace. No one in recruiting will be surprised that the competition for […]

workplace recognition
JAN 4, 2016

9 Workplace Recognition Questions for the New Year

By Guest Author Sarah McVanel, Greatness Magnified According to research compiled from a quarter of a million completed surveys by Metrics@Work, the Canadian engagement survey company, employees still report that, for the most part, they feel undervalued and disengaged. Given that talent and intellectual capital have become the greatest source of competitive advantage today, organizations must pay closer attention […]

DEC 16, 2015

Scrappy: A Dose of Entrepreneurial Piss and Vinegar

By Kim Shepherd, CEO You’ve probably come across the story of the Lion and the Ant. It’s a great example of what happens when a company loses its scrappiness. The short version is that Ant was a very productive, happy and autonomous worker. Ant’s boss, Lion, reasons that Ant would be even more productive with […]

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