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JAN 13, 2011

The Hidden Unemployed

  By Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox As a national recruitment firm filling positions across all industries, titles and geographic lines for the last 18 years, Decision Toolbox has a unique view of the U.S. employment landscape.  From the 80,000 foot level, we can clearly see that the reported 9.8% national unemployment figure – concerning […]

JAN 13, 2011

Human Capital New Year’s Resolutions: Thinking Differently in 2011

By Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox With 2011 well underway, I challenge human resource professionals to think outside of the box this year and facilitate real business change by making several, actionable “Human Capital New Year’s Resolutions”, such as: Reconnect with the highly paid professionals you downsized before you lose some of your best talent […]

DEC 10, 2010

Hiring in 2011…Three Good Reasons to Bring on a Disabled Veteran

By Jennifer Roberts, Recruiter, Decision Toolbox At this time of year, many of us are reflecting back on the economic climate of 2010 and looking forward to a new and improving 2011. Many of Decision Toolbox’s clients are considering hiring additional new talent to prepare for 2011 and the continuing economic recovery. If your company […]

OCT 18, 2010

Executive Search: Reduce Agency Fees

Executive Search has always fascinated me.  The largest executive search fee ever paid is said to be over $600M when Citigroup bought Old Lane hedge fund to snare Vikram Pandit to run their alternative investments group in 2007.  Those were exuberant times, and that was obviously an unusual situation.  Most executive search fees cost about […]

SEP 28, 2010

Leadership Secrets – Time is of the Essence

Leadership secrets rarely are secrets.  We can observe leaders in the most obvious and not so obvious places.  Recently I sat front row at Hippie Tendencies’ live performance in Denver and was awe struck by the lyrics created and sung by my friend Lisa Simmons: “Time is of the essence…precious and relentless….better learn my lessons…”   […]


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