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mobile recruiting tips
JAN 23, 2017

Don’t Overthink Mobile Recruiting

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer and Dominick Bernal, Director of Technology With Tom Brennan, Master Writer   The topic of mobile recruitment is getting plenty of attention across social media, with messages ranging from “It’s the holy grail and you’d better be on a quest to find it” to “It’s an exotic new animal […]

train up your employment brand
DEC 7, 2016

Train Up Your Employment Brand

By Tom Brennan, Master Writer In consulting with hiring managers (HMs), I often hear “I don’t have time to train, so you have to find me someone who can hit the ground running.” It’s understandable: when you’re shorthanded, the idea of adding training to your to-do list can be daunting. In today’s highly competitive job […]

women business leaders
NOV 28, 2016

A Fresh Take on Women Business Leaders: Release ‘The Struggle,’ Embrace the Success

By Kim Shepherd, CEO With Tom Brennan, Master Writer   How great is it to be a CEO? Not only do I get to nurture the culture of a great company, but I also get to speak to different groups about creating success through culture, through a performance-driven model and other best practices. Often it […]

NOV 16, 2016

Drawing Underrepresented Groups from the Shadows To Build the Cybersecurity Talent Pool

By Domini Clark, Director of Strategy at InfoSec Connect and Senior Recruiter at Decision Toolbox With Tom Brennan, Master Writer If you’ve been following this series, it should be clear by now that cybersecurity talent represents one of the biggest needs in IT but also one of the smallest talent pools. In Parts 1 and […]

Recruiting Cybersecurity Professionals
NOV 2, 2016

Unclassified at Last: A Field Agent’s Guide To Recruiting Cybersecurity Professionals

By Domini Clark, Director of Strategy at InfoSec Connect and Senior Recruiter at Decision Toolbox With Tom Brennan, Master Writer   This blog series on recruiting cybersecurity professionals kicked off in Part 1 with some sobering facts about the frequency and cost of cyber-attacks in the U.S., underscoring the urgency of recruiting talent in this space. […]


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