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job market 2015
MAR 3, 2015

Job Market 2015: The Competition for Talent is About to Get Real

By Kim Shepherd, CEO With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer   The talent market is very competitive. Wait, wait . . . don’t stop reading. You’re right, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Any company with open positions knows it. And since that includes just about every company — all of us, including […]

FEB 27, 2015

Hiring Managers Need to do Their Part in the Recruitment PARTnership

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer   Part 3 in our Series:  Help Your Recruiter Help You The word “partnership” implies that everyone involved has a part in achieving success. If you are a hiring manager working with a recruiter, you should view this relationship as a partnership. True, the recruiter […]

hiring through a recruiter
FEB 20, 2015

You Scratch My Back . . . How Hiring Managers Can Help Recruiters

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer   Part 2 in our Series:  Help Your Recruiter Help You As a full service recruiting agency, Decision Toolbox is dedicated to doing the “heavy lifting” around recruitment and letting hiring managers (HMs) focus on their other important activities. Just the same, Rob Recruiter […]

tips for working with recruiters
FEB 18, 2015

Help Your Recruiter Help You: A Candidate’s Guide

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer Recruiters are part broker, part matchmaker. They help employers and candidates put together great deals, and find that ideal fit. But they need help from both hiring managers (HM) and candidates. Here in Part One I’ll share insights about how candidates can help the […]

don't hire people just like you
JAN 8, 2015

Don’t Hire People Just Like You

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer Hiring managers often want to hire people who are just like themselves. I run into recruiters across all industries who deal with this on a regular basis. They hear things like; I want to hire someone who has the same political views, doesn’t have an accent, went to this […]

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