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Kim Shepherd to Independent Gasoline Marketing: Tips for Managing the Multigenerational Workforce

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From “mom and pop” startups to multi-million dollar conglomerates, for the first time in the modern workforce, there are five generations working side by side.   Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd recently shared tips with Independent Gasoline Marketing for managing the multigenerational workforce.

Excerpts from the article:

Embracing Challenges

So how do generational shifts within a company create challenges? And what are the benefits to having employees who represent multiple generations?  According to Kim Shepherd, CEO of Decision Toolbox, a recruitment products and services company, the main challenge with a multi-generation workforce is communication and communication style. Boomers like eye contact, or at the very least, voice contact. Younger workers are quite happy sending text messages and keeping multiple apps open at all times, like Snapchat and Pinterest.

“If you can master the communication dilemma, you could have a wealth of varying viewpoints and ideas at your disposal,” Shepherd says. “Imagine having three or four different generations looking at an issue from their perspectives and then using the best of their collective ideas.”

Shepherd recommends occasionally structuring a multi-generational “think tank” meeting where everyone has an equal voice. Try to pick a topic where everyone’s viewpoint will add value to the solution or outcome.
“A question we asked at a recent brainstorming session was “imagine you have $1M to make the company better. What would you do?’” Shepherd says. “It was great to see the variety of suggestions coming from three distinct generations.”

Check out the full article here.

For more of Kim’s insights, see her piece that outlines the gold mine of opportunity this provides modern corporations in a recent byline in Recruiting Trends, and her insights into what the shifting generational mix has on recruiting talent in a recent blog.

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