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Smart Résumés Mean Optimal Outcomes In a Competitive Talent Market: Nicole Cox Bylines on Healthcare Business Today

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Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox shares 6 healthcare resume tips in her recent byline article on Healthcare Business Today, “Smart Résumés Mean Optimal Outcomes In a Competitive Talent Market.”

Excerpt from the article:

It is a good time to be a jobseeker in healthcare, especially on the clinical side. In today’s competitive market, a nurse can land a good job using a résumé written on a banana peel. The administrative side, though, is a little bit different. Non-clinical professionals still have an advantage, given that open positions outnumber qualified candidates significantly. Just the same, a weakness in your résumé can chip away at your advantage.

At a high level, keep these characteristics in mind when developing your résumé: it should be specific, true, achievement-focused and relevant. We talked with several seasoned recruiters to come up with the tips below to help you ensure that it is easy to find you and match your qualifications to an organization’s needs.

Check out the full article here.

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