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Nicole Cox to Fast Company: The New Normal of Employer Expectations

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Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox shared insights on why employer expectations seem to be higher than ever with Fast Company.

Even entry-level employees are expected to bring more to the table and ramp up quickly, with less time to adjust and prove their worth.

Excerpts from the article:

According to Nicole Cox, the chief recruitment officer of recruitment solutions provider Decision Toolbox, lingering effects from the 2008 recession, which caused widespread downsizing, continue to put pressure on new hires today.

“They downsized not too long ago, and they aren’t necessarily hiring back to the headcount that they had before, therefore every hire has to be an A player,” she says. “They need more out of every person that’s on the team.”

As a result, Cox has found that the most attractive candidates today are the ones who demonstrate a wider variety of skills.

“They’ve got a longer wish list, they’re looking for a broader skill set and a more well-rounded candidate,” she says. “For example, in the past you wouldn’t have necessarily seen IT and accounting needs in one job posting, that would be two head counts, but now you can have both in one person. They’re trying to get more out of one individual.”

Cox adds that the best way for a candidate to ensure their success in the early days of a new career is to clarify expectations during the hiring process.

“They should really interview the employer as much as they’re being interviewed,” she says. “And after they’re hired, ask if they’re meeting those expectations.”

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