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Nicole Cox Shares Phone Interview Etiquette Tips with ADVANCE Healthcare Network

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Nicole Cox, Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer, recently offered tips for phone interview etiquette with ADVANCE Healthcare Network.

The overarching theme for the advice?  Prepare exactly as you would for an in-person interview.

A candidate should understand how he meets the needs of the role and be able to clearly state what he would bring to the job, said Nicole Cox, chief recruitment officer for Decision Toolbox. In a phone interview, it’s helpful to have your resume handy as a reference. Job seekers should also be prepared to easily send their resume to the hiring manager during the call, just in case the hiring manager can’t access it, Cox said.

Other tips include:

  • Dress the Part. Wearing professional attire will help you feel more confident, which will come through in your responses.
  • Be Ready to Answer Questions. Rehearse a short narrative about your work history and background.
  • Use Notes. Have your resume, the job description and a few thoughts summarizing your qualifications prepared for easy reference.
  • Take the Call in a Quiet Room. Emulate the setting of a typical face-to-face interview. Bad cell connections and background noise can irritate the interviewer and reflect poorly on the candidate.
  • Relax, Be Yourself and Smile. A smile can often be felt on the other end of the line.
  • Wait Your Turn. Give the interviewer enough time to finish his question before you respond.
  • Avoid the Topic of Salary. Money should not be discussed during a first interview, whether it’s over the phone or in person.
  • Provide Concise Responses. Don’t talk too much, but be clear that you can elaborate when necessary.
  • Take the Call Standing. When people sit, they can sometimes sound uninterested and unenergetic, standing may help project an enthusiastic response.
  • Boast Tactfully. This is your opportunity to blow your own horn, without seeming like a braggart.
  • Close the Interview. Take the opportunity to ask the interviewer if you fit the job qualifications and if anything might prevent him from hiring you.

Read on for more tips in the full article. 

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