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Nicole Cox to OC Register: Orange County’s Growing Demand for Talent

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In “Looking for a job? Companies are having a hard time filling positions in O.C., recruiters say,”  Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox talks to Orange County Register Michelle Rafter about the challenges companies in Orange County are facing finding talent as the unemployment rate continues to plummet.

This growing demand for talent means employers are having to work harder to fill openings that may have been easily managed in years past.

Excerpts from the article:

Highly skilled workers aren’t the area’s only hot commodities. Orange County retail companies are hiring staff in droves. Nicole Cox, chief recruitment officer at recruiter Decision Toolbox, helps retailers that are opening new locations hire everyone from entry-level associates to top managers.

“A couple years ago, those would have been slam dunk easy to fill,” Cox said. Today though, “we have to be creative, engaging and sell the talent on the opportunity.”

With store openings expected to continue through the rest of the year, Cox is pushing retailers to play up their employer “brand” to distinguish themselves from competitors. Retailers and other companies that are hiring can’t just pay lip service to creating an environment or culture where people would want to work; they have to follow through, Cox and other recruiters said.

Job seekers have so many options that companies must also step up the training they offer and “career path” entry-level workers by giving them opportunities to advance, Cox said.

Companies that haven’t done much hiring in recent years need to dump the recession-era mentality of low-balling on pay, recruiters said. If they don’t, they only hurt themselves – and could alienate existing employees as well.

People who stuck out the bad economy in safety-net jobs they weren’t keen on are now in a position to check out other possibilities. If employers don’t step up their game, they’ll lose those workers to better offers, recruiters say.

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