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Nicole Cox Shares Why Cover Letters Are Outdated With ZipRecruiter

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If your company is still requiring candidates to submit cover letters, you might actually be hurting your recruiting efforts, rather than enhancing them.  That’s the advice shared in the recent article, “Are Cover Letters Hindering Your Hiring Process?”

According to Nicole Cox, Decision Toolbox’s Chief Recruitment Officer, despite good intentions of a cover letter on the part of the candidate, most of the time they don’t get reviewed. “People are moving too fast, have too much to do and just don’t have the time. If you can’t grab a recruiter’s attention with your resume you just won’t grab their attention at all.  To complicate matters further, many recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems, and many of these applications do not include an option for attaching a cover letter to a candidate’s record,” she advises.

For companies, Cox suggests requiring a cover letter makes the employer appear outdated and advises investigating alternatives to gather the information they may have previously obtained from a cover letter.  “We use a Resume Supplement to gather additional information about a candidate. This is a list of questions that candidates answer about themselves. The answers are weighted to what’s most valuable to the hiring manager and the requirements of the position. This is where we can include an optional video question to provide a more complete picture of the candidate’s skill set. This tied with an up to date resume, LinkedIn profile and a robust reference check really make for a data rich presentation. Our reference checks go beyond someone’s work ethic, but dig into how to best manage the candidate, their strengths and more,” says Cox.

Excerpt from the article:

Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer at Decision Toolbox says if a company still relies on cover letters, she would ask them to consider why?  “There are better ways to get to the information they are trying to gather,” says Cox.

Check out the article here.

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