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Nicole Cox Bylines In North American Builder Magazine: Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

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Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox contributed an article to the January 2016 issue of North American Builder Magazine:  Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent.

Excerpt from the article:

Finding the right candidate is all about ensuring alignment of multiple factors: timing, branding, messaging, fit, appeal, location and compensation. For example, if you are looking for Construction Project Managers during the busiest summer months, your messaging must center on strong selling points — why would a professional leave the job they have now to come work for you?

With that alignment in place, hit the market with an “instant crescendo” of searching, sourcing, and networking. Find out where the candidates are today (A niche board? Social media? Or will you need to call them, based on a list of competitors?) and hit those sources hard. Perhaps most importantly, recognize that candidates need to be courted. They have many choices today and they know it. Courting is the bow that ties all of this together.

Mainstream sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn are always good places to start. For management roles, try Digging deeper, look at professional associations or technical schools that match the skill set you are seeking. These can be fairly niche, such as the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI). Survey the job market — what projects are underway that employ the kind of talent you need? One recruiter reported finding a picture in an article about a current project. Right there on a hardhat was a company sticker — that added one more potential source to the list.

The article goes on to share tips on how to determine candidate fit, tips to improve retention, and ways to improve employee satisfaction.

A PDF version of the article is available here, or check out the online version of the magazine.

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