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Nicole Cox Advises Monster: Improve your Hiring with an Annual Hiring Strategy

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Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox recently shared advice with Monster on improving hiring strategy by implementing an annual hiring strategy.

Excerpts from the article:

Many employers hire on an as-needed basis as the need arises. While that approach may have worked in the recession it doesn’t work in today’s strengthened job market — a market where competition for in-demand talent is steep.

Nicole Cox, chief recruitment officer at Decision Toolbox, a 112-employee recruiting firm, says her firm also does “tsunami planning” in its annual hiring strategy.

“We plan for the positive and negative scenarios: What if all of this business came our way? What if all of this business dropped off?” says Cox.   Hiring ahead of demand is not deemed wise, unless you have a signed contract for new business and make your offers contingent on a signed contract, says Cox. Decision Toolbox revisits its annual hiring strategy every quarter to keep it current, she says.

Nicole advises that a positive candidate experience is also important to consider:

You want your candidate experience to be seamless, especially if you are pursuing top talent.

“When candidates have a variety of choices, you don’t want them to jump through as many hoops,” says Cox. If the company’s career page, online application process or interview process are bumpy, candidates may not stick around, say experts.

The article also shares tips on evaluating strategic goals, coordinating hiring across teams, creating a branded job template, and developing a talent pipeline.

Read the full article here.

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