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Niche Job Boards Muscle Into Recruiting Marketplace: DT’s Jessica Nettleton to SHRM

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Decision Toolbox’s Media Strategist Jessica Nettleton shared her thoughts on the growth of niche job boards in recruitment with SHRM.

Excerpts from the article:

Are job boards becoming a boutique industry? The acquisition of Monster last year by Randstad, as well as volatility in the HR technology market, has reignited discussions in the recruiting blogosphere about the possible demise of the mega jobs site model.

While no one knows the ultimate fate of the big boards, it’s clear that they’re facing stiff competition from niche websites segmented by industry, function and region.

A Targeted Approach     

Before investing in niche recruitment solutions, know that your job descriptions must be carefully tailored. “If you are going to a niche board and throwing up a generic job ad and expecting big results, you’re probably going to be disappointed,” says Jessica Nettleton, recruitment media strategist at end-to-end recruitment services firm Decision Toolbox.

“If recruiters actively source from niche boards and proactively engage with potential candidates, then [the boards] can be a huge value,” she adds. “It’s not a ‘post-and-pray’ situation. You won’t reach the numbers that you would by using a bigger job board, but you will probably reach the right candidates.”

As employers of every size can attest, a good match is hard to find.

Read the full article here.

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