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Loren Miner to Raise Your Game – Salary Negotiation Conversation Starters

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The salary negotiation:  it can be a dreaded conversation for both employee and employer.  Decision Toolbox COO Loren Miner shared some unique salary negotiation conversation starters to help make sure the discussion starts off on the right foot in this article.

Excerpt from the article:

When initiating conversation around salary negotiations, always do so in person, says Loren Miner, chief operations officer at Decision Toolbox, a recruitment products and services company.

“It is too easy to misread a reaction when over the phone or sent via email,” Miner says.

Keep a positive and upbeat mentality when you make your request. And remember to smile.

“Pretend that you know the answer is going to be yes when you’re asking, and your positive attitude will reinforce why you deserve the raise,” Miner adds.

Check out the full article here.

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