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Kim Shepherd to Present at WELU 2015

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Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd is scheduled to speak at Employers Group’s upcoming Workplace & Employment Law Update (WELU). The event – now in six locations – covers the issues, laws, and practices California businesses need to know as they prepare for 2016.

WELU 2015

Kim’s session will be on Friday, October 30 at the Anaheim location, in Disney’s Grand Californian.  A summary of the session follows.  For more information on WELU 2015, click here.

The Performance Driven Workforce – Excellence by Design (Breakout Session, Anaheim Only)
Common performance problems are plaguing companies of all sizes, industries and locations, causing them to achieve only an average of 63% of the returns promised by their strategies. The worst part? Most cannot identify WHY! According to SHRM, 48% of all companies have at least some contractors, freelancers, or remote workers who rarely, if ever, come into the office. Some estimate that in a year, 40% of the global workforce will be virtual. With companies failing to realize their goals, and more people working remotely where it makes managing them harder, what’s a company to do? In this session, attendees will learn which “people problems” are sabotaging their company’s profits, and how they can be solved with a performance driven workforce model. Kim Shepherd, President & CEO of Decision Toolbox, will share and how she implemented a performance driven workforce model within her 100% virtual company. Attendees will learn why this model sets a new standard for quality and performance, what steps they can implement now, and how profits will follow. Even if your company doesn’t have remote workers or a virtual model, you will still benefit from the tips shared! Armed with the knowledge of what causes gaps between strategy and performance, you will be poised to implement changes that could make your people happier and revolutionize your company’s profits.

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