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Kim Shepherd to OC Register: Vetting An Employer’s Workplace Culture

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Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd recently spoke with OC Register’s Michelle Rafter about ways a potential employee might vet the workplace culture of a new employer.

Excerpt from the article:

If you’re job hunting, how do you make sure you end up at a company with a workplace culture that’s right for you?

Do your due diligence. In addition to checking a company’s financials, look at its client and employee turnover, suggests Kim Shepherd, chief executive of Irvine recruiter Decision Toolbox. “For many companies, a simple Google search on the company name and ‘company culture’ can result in a lot of information,” Shepherd said.

Discover the beliefs, interests and soft skills of a potential boss by looking up recommendations and endorsements on their LinkedIn profile. “If they are involved with charitable causes, you can deduce that they probably care about giving back to the community,” Shepherd said. “It also allows you to find out where they went to school and their career advancement history.”

Check out the full article here.

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