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Kim Shepherd to OC Register on Why Employee Performance Reviews Are Obsolete

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Decision Toolbox (DT) CEO Kim Shepherd recently spoke with the OC Register’s Michelle Rafter to talk employee performance reviews, and why they are obsolete at DT.

The article was originally published in print and online here (may require subscription to view).  Click here to view a PDF of the article.

Excerpt from the article:

Companies with a substantial number of remote-based workers or that operate virtually, with no physical offices, have said goodbye to traditional job reviews out of necessity.

One of them is Decision Toolbox, an Irvine recruiting agency with 80 employees spread across the country. Since the company went virtual after 9/11, Chief Executive Kim Shepherd has based evaluations and compensation on results of metrics tied to employees’ responsibilities.

The company’s 55 recruiters, for example, help corporate clients find professionals in engineering, finance, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Recruiters are measured on six key performance indicators, including how quickly they fill an open position, customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Using data to measure how successful people are at work removes biases a manager might have in favor of employees who come off as poised and polished but don’t deliver results, Shepherd says. Employees who are hard workers love it “because they’re getting paid for every great thing they do,” she says. For slackers, though, it’s agony, “because there’s no place to hide.”

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