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Kim Shepherd Spreads Cultural Glue with Seattle SHRM

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On August 21, Kim Shepherd, CEO of Decision Toolbox, had the opportunity to be the featured speaker at the August Chapter Meeting of Seattle SHRM, sharing Uncommon Solutions To Building Cultural Glue and Attracting “A” Players.

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In her presentation, Kim shared how a strong company culture means all the difference when acquiring top talent that will fuel a company’s greatness, versus merely recruiting bodies that will keep the wheels in motion. With her unconventional approach to business management, Kim revealed how she built a rock solid corporate culture within her 100% virtual team. Sharing real life examples, she discussed the importance of building “sticky factor” within an organization and practical tips for keeping it in place.

Tweets and Fireworks

Attendees took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the presentation.  Here are some of the Tweets they shared.

Seattle SHRM tweetsSeattle SHRM tweets 3 Tweets from Seattle SHRM 2014 2

Virtual Company, Personal Connections

Even though Decision Toolbox is 100% virtual, we don’t let that stop us from getting together when an opportunity arises.  Some of the members of our local DT Seattle team were able to attend the SHRM meeting.  Pictured Left to Right:  Cathy, Andrea, Jeanine, Shannon, Kim and former DT member and friend Cheryl Ferguson

DT Seattle team

Thank you to the members of the Seattle SHRM chapter for being such great hosts and engaged participants.  Until we meet again…

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