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Kim Shepherd’s Tips for Implementing Flexible Work Schedules

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In the battle to stand out from a corporate culture perspective, companies are increasingly using flexible work schedules to attract and retain good employees.

But how do you implement flexible work schedules without having to micromanage your employees’ time from afar to make sure they are working when you can’t see them?  And how can a company ensure their culture doesn’t slip into oblivion when employees aren’t in the office?

Kim Shepherd recently shared her insights on how to connect employees and create camaraderie with Counselor magazine.   As CEO of Decision Toolbox, a 100% virtual recruiting firm with nearly 100 employees, Kim knows as well as anyone the challenges and benefits of a flexible workforce.  Kim is widely known as an expert on establishing and maintaining a strong corporate culture, and believes you don’t have to accept a trade-off between strong culture and flexible work policies.

To see Kim’s tips, as well as other experts’ opinions on the subject, check out the full article here.

Implementing a virtual workforce has made our company stronger, our people happier, and our bottom line more robust.  To see more of Kim’s tips on implementing a virtual workforce, check out her recent blog series –  Overcoming Virtualophobia Or How We All Went Home and Became a Better Company

For more tips on company culture and taking your company virtual, download a free copy of Kim’s eBook “The Bite Me School of Management”

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