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Kim Shepherd Advises Freemasons on Overcoming Adversity in Business

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Masons in Business, a group of Freemasons dedicated to fostering and extending business relationships, invited Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd to headline at their meeting on March 26 to discuss overcoming adversity in business and reaching entrepreneurial success.

Kim spoke to a group of about 50 business executives, with an additional live feed to over 100 international masonic lodges around the world.  She shared her intriguing story of how she has overcome a series of challenges that began in early childhood.  Kim’s mother was a single parent to 4 children and had to move wherever she could find work in order to support her family.  As a result, Kim attended 9 different elementary schools, including 3 third grades.  This taught Kim to meet someone for the first time, absorb the story of that person and connect with them quickly.  That skill would become very useful as she grew to adulthood and entered the workforce, first as a television reporter, then as Worldwide Director of Entertainment for Club Med. Kim’s common sense approach to life and business continued to serve her well throughout her successful career as she entered the world of recruiting and weathered the challenges of leading companies through extreme growth and challenges, including the most extreme obstacle any modern day business has faced – September 11, 2001.  Under Kim’s leadership and creative approach, Decision Toolbox didn’t just survive 9/11, it went on to thrive when many competitors shut their doors.

“You don’t have to be classically trained in business to be good in business,” according to Kim.  “You just have to be good at life.”

Fortunately for all who know and work with Kim Shepherd, she’s exceptional at both.

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