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Jennifer Bensusen Discusses the Rising Demand for IT Talent with The Economist Group’s LookAhead

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Decision Toolbox Technology Lead and Senior Recruitment Partner Jennifer Bensusen recently shared insights with The Economist Group’s LookAhead on the rising demand for IT talent.

Excerpts from the article:

The demand for talent is on the rise, driven by developments in the Industrial Internet, fintech, big data, e-commerce and other sectors that leverage connectivity. “There are definitely more jobs than people available to fill them,” says Jennifer Bensunsen, technology lead and senior recruiter for California-based Decision Toolbox. “In the [San Francisco] Bay area, for example, there are only about 800 qualified candidates for 12,000 jobs in big data [storage architecture].”

Recruiting those candidates takes some creativity. “[Recruiters] have to speak the language and know the candidate’s value,” says Ms Bensunsen, “otherwise the talent doesn’t take you seriously.” Some of the techniques include lurking on a Python chatroom or other developer community, using advanced search functions on Twitter, attending relevant meet-ups and employing other social media tools to connect with potential talent.

“Those we speak with are usually already gainfully employed, so they’ll only move for something better than what they have,” she says. Priorities include “really cool technology that will further their growth, a compensation piece and, often, telecommuting”. “We don’t talk about ‘work-life balance’ so much as ‘life balance,’” she says. “These people want to figure out big puzzles and solve big problems … but they also want a great life.”

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