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Jennifer Bensusen Advises 5 Steps to Take Before You Start Contracting

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5 Steps to Take Before You Start Contracting

To some in the workforce, the lure of a lucrative paycheck, the freedom to work for themselves, and the flexibility that comes with not being a permanent employee can lead them to the idea of setting off on their own and beginning a contracting career.

Contracting is certainly a good option for many people, but delving in headfirst without careful planning isn’t recommended.

Decision Toolbox’s Jennifer Bensusen, Technology Lead and Sr. Recruitment Partner, recently advised readers on the 5 steps they need to consider before moving into a contracting role.

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Additional advice from Jennifer includes:

  • Know your market & then evaluate your skills against the market.  Are you Mid-level or Sr. level in skill set? Do you have any special certifications and education that make you the cream of your crop in your space?  Set your rate, come up with your all inclusive rate (incorporating travel expense) and hourly rate + travel expenses in case clients are willing to pay for it when you are out of town.
  • Value proposition.  What is your value proposition to clients?  Remember there may be 50 other SAP SD Analysts or Security consultants vying for this role.  Why are you the best fit?  Come up with your 1 min elevator pitch on why you are the best person for the job.  Interviews may be very abbreviated for a consulting role.  Be armed with specific project examples on things like:  turnaround situations, implementations, major upgrades, etc.  How did it improve businesses performance, efficiency, revenue or bottom line?  Let them know about your weekly IT blog and the 5,000 followers you have…

With proper planning, contracting can be a financially and personally rewarding career move.



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