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How Important are References on Your Resume? DT’s Jeanine Kern Advises the Chicago Tribune

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Decision Toolbox Recruitment Partner Jeanine Kern recently shared advice with readers of the Chicago Tribune on why listing references on a resume might not be a good idea.

Excerpt from the article:

Jeanine Kern, a recruitment partner at Decision Toolbox in Irvine, Calif., says that as a recruiter, she likes seeing references on resumes, but not for the reasons one might expect. “References can be viewed as potential candidates,” Kern says. “What if I research your reference list and find one of your references is more qualified than you for the position for which you applied? It’s already a competitive job market — don’t provide your own competition.”

Kern also says it’s also possible for phone numbers and emails to mistakenly auto-populate into the job-seeker’s contact information area. “You might not get the call or email requesting an interview — your reference will — and think it’s a wrong number and dismiss it without putting two and two together,” she says. “I’ve seen more than one instance where the name of a reference auto-populated into the name field in an applicant tracking system, meaning you won’t likely ever be found again.”


Check out the full article here:  Name check: How important are references on your resume?



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