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How To Look For A New Job In 2017: 5 Tips Applicants Can Use To Take Advantage Of A Hire-Friendly Market: Nicole Cox to Yahoo News and International Business Times

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Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox‘s insight into a successful job search in 2017 was published in Yahoo! News and International Business Times.

Excerpt from the articles:

More than 40 percent of Americans were either looking for a job or planning on finding one in the new year, according to a recent study by the New York-based corporate training firm Dale Carnegie Training. Some were likely counting a new job as a key New Year’s resolution.

As it turns out, 2017 may be a great year for workers, as the number of unemployed people per job opening has dropped to near-decade lows, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That should give job applicants more opportunity and leverage in the search and hiring process. Meanwhile, the average period of time in which positions were being left vacant has nearly doubled since the summer of 2009, a sign that the field is far less competitive than it was just a few years ago.

To take full advantage of 2017’s applicant-friendly job market, below are five tips:

1. Reach Out to Your Network

Taking data into account, the phrase “It’s not always what you know, but who you know” holds water. An October study by Lever found that a referral boosts the chance that you’ll get hired by 6.25 percent. A 2015 study by the recruitment software company iCIMS Inc. found that an average of nearly a quarter of employees stemmed from referrals. With strictly online hires, the trend was even more significant, as referrals dominated other recruitment sources, with 28 percent, according to a study by the job search engine Indeed.

That means reaching out to old professors or classmates, friends and former coworkers for contact information and introductions with employees and recruiters at desired companies could make or break job seekers hoping for more visibility in the applicant pool.

2. Streamline Your Resume

Sometimes less is more, As Nicole Cox, the chief recruitment officer of recruiting solutions firm Decision Toolbox, wrote in a post on the job information site Glassdoor.

“‘Short and sweet’ should describe your resume as a whole as well as the different elements within it,” she wrote, adding that the full document should be two pages maximum and should be specific, using concrete numbers wherever possible. “In general, you’ll want to choose the most significant accomplishments, but also ensure they are relevant to the opening.”

View the full article on Yahoo! News and International Business Times.

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