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Decision Toolbox, Proud Sponsor of Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards, Congratulates 2017 Winners

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Committed to providing an excellent candidate experience for 25 years, Decision Toolbox shares the mission to recognize programs that innovate to improve the industry

Decision Toolbox, an Engage2Excel company and leading provider of engaging recruitment solutions, is proud to sponsor Talent Board’s 2017 Candidate Experience Awards (CandE) and Benchmark Program and congratulates today’s winners for their exemplary work in improving the candidate and recruiting experience within their companies.

“Our sponsorship of the CandE awards is a demonstration of a shared common goal to create a positive candidate experience during the recruitment process and beyond,” said Darren Findley, president, recruitment solutions, Engage2Excel. “We believe engagement during the recruitment phase is critical to the quality of hire. Today’s candidates are not just hoping for a high-quality, recognition-based program, but require it – the companies that practice these values will win the race for top talent. We give a big congratulations to these companies committed to making the process beneficial for both the candidate and the employer.”

A list of the winners can be found here:

As a leading provider of the only recruiting solutions that optimize engagement throughout the talent acquisition process and career lifecycle for 25 years, Decision Toolbox relies on Talent Board’s quality research on the employee experience. Talent Board is the first nonprofit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience.

More than 200 companies registered to participate in the 2017 North American CandE Awards program, which ultimately collected the thoughts and experiences of over 180,000 job candidates. The organization surveyed tens of thousands of job seekers on whether they would refer another person to apply at their company of employment based on their own recruitment experience, 14 percent responded with “definitely not,” while only 24 percent responded with “extremely likely.”

Contrast that with companies that won CandE Awards this year in North America – only eight percent responded with “definitely not” while upwards of 36 percent said they’d be “extremely likely” to refer a potential candidate.

In today’s highly competitive job market, this research and recognition of companies that are committed to innovating and improving the candidate experience brings immeasurable value to the industry.

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