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Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd Releases New Book: Get Scrappy

Get Scrappy

Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd and renowned speaker, investor, and successful entrepreneur Dave Berkus have released their new book “Get Scrappy” in both hard and soft cover editions and for the Amazon Kindle.   “Get Scrappy” explores the concept of making a company more agile as a tool for corporate growth and success.  The book explores the subjects of financing, marketing, employee relations, virtual employees and companies, growth, and positioning for an exit or hand-off to the next generation.

With 105 subjects, Berkus and Shepherd share wisdom achieved through their years as CEOs of companies that have achieved rapid growth and success, with Kim three times an Inc.5000 CEO and Dave twice an Inc.500 CEO.  Eight additional guest authors have contributed their unique insights for this book as well.

Get Scrappy

Available from booksellers everywhere or directly from the Berkus Press at

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