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Why Your Company Needs a Chief Recruitment Officer – Kim Shepherd via RecruitingTrends

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Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd advocates for the value of a chief recruitment officer in this recent byline article on

Excerpt from the article:

The idea of a chief recruitment officer is surprisingly controversial, at least among human resource professionals. The HR world has only recently won a seat in the C-suite, with a handful of companies creating a chief human resources officer role. Many see the CRO and CHRO roles as virtually identical, and asserting that they are fundamentally different is like poking a wasp’s nest.

However, the difference is too important not to poke. The best recruiters in a competitive talent market are tenacious, driven, even aggressive. It’s a mindset that’s closer to business development and sales: taking a value proposition to market and bringing something new into the company. At the same time, imagine trying to mediate an employee-relations issue with that mindset.

To be clear, I am not undervaluing the role HR plays in a successful business. But HR is more about analyzing, processing, tracking and developing the talent your business already has. For the most part, HR professionals are nurturing and patient — the perfect temperament for building cross-functional collaboration and developing organizational culture. You need that.

But if a seat opens up, I want a team of recruiters who are all waving their hands, saying, “I’ll fill it! Give me that project!” I want their eyes to shine like lion eyes do when you dangle a raw steak. Then I know they’ll work that recruitment project hard — cold calling, networking, blanketing social media, scouring databases. When HR professionals see a raw steak, their first thought is about employee health and safety.

The CRO, then, should head up a stand-alone recruiting department and shape a culture that’s like Mad Men, or even Game of Thrones. The CRO’s main responsibility should be to create a team of highly motivated, results-driven recruiters and reward them for excellent — not just good — recruitment. The metrics may be different from company to company, but it’s about much more than just time to fill, it’s also about filling the seat with the right person.

Some will push back, using the shortsighted argument that HR and recruitment are cost centers and don’t justify a C-level salary. Step back and look at the bigger picture, though: An empty seat costs your company money, while the right talent in that seat helps generate revenue and profit. In a competitive market, you need (1) to track down and entice the talent and (2) to make that talent feel welcomed, recognized and rewarded. Both efforts mitigate cost and promote revenue and profit, but it’s not realistic to think that the people who excel at one will excel at the other. The groups see the world through different lenses.

Check out the full article here.

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