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Terri Davis Shares Career Options Without a Degree on MainStreet

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Few people would argue with the fact that a college degree vastly impacts earning potential over the course of your career.  That being said, college is not the choice for everyone.  So what are the best career options without a degree?

Someone who chooses not to go to college isn’t relegated to a life of flipping burgers.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But there are quite a few trade, semi-professional and professional level career opportunities available to those who opt not to pursue a four or more year degree.

Terri Davis, Director of Client Services for Decision Toolbox, spoke to MainStreet about the best career options for those without a degree.

“Recruiting and sales jobs often don’t require a college degree with salaries that can be lucrative,” said Davis.  “Sales or recruiting positions probably pay the most as they tend to be untapped potential and you can earn as much or as little as you like based on your initiative.”

However, according to Davis, ‘best’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘highest paying.’

“There are always going to be jobs that pay bigger salaries, but having the ability to perform in a position that provides stability, growth, a great workplace culture and the ability to continuously learn and grow is key,”  she said.  “These factors alone can sometimes have more value than money can ever provide.”

The article didn’t publish Terri’s additional words of wisdom, but her advice is too sound not to share.

“I am a huge believer in finding a passion for your career,” she said.  “No one wants to get up every day and go to a position they dislike.  Find varying areas of interest and explore those careers that touch you personally.  You will have more fun, find great value and overall feel more successful if you find a career that touches you personally in some way or another.”

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