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Kim Shepherd to Business 2 Community: Candidates Are Customers: Don’t Just Market Open Positions, Sell Them!

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Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd’s insights were recently published in Business 2 Community’s “Candidates Are Customers: Don’t Just Market Open Positions, Sell Them!” 

Excerpt from the article:

Like modern consumers, today’s job seekers know what they want. They’ve transformed into mission shoppers rather than impulse buyers, to use Hetu’s example. Finding the talent you need isn’t significantly different than wooing new customers. As Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd points out, the sales process aligns well with modern recruitment necessities: “The first step is to treat candidates as customers — not only because it will help land talent, but also because every candidate is, in fact, also a potential customer. That means nurturing every candidate who sends a résumé.”

Read the full article here.

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