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Attracting Tech Talent to a Non-Tech Company. Jennifer Bensusen Advises

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Jennifer Bensusen, technology lead and senior technology recruitment partner at Decision Toolbox, recently talked with Keith Loria at about the unique challenges non-tech companies face when attracting tech talent.  But it’s not all doom and gloom.  Jennifer, along with other knowledgeable industry vets, shared some tips for non-tech companies to gain an edge in the competition for talent.

Excerpts from the article:

Jennifer Bensusen, technology lead and senior technology recruitment partner at Decision Toolbox, notes there is a huge need for tech talent that spans multiple industries.

“It’s likely that tech companies are more invested in the latest and greatest in terms of technology and those skill sets are often very hot and in high demand,” she says. “However, if a company is highly invested in staying current in the latest technology, the skill set still remains difficult to find. Software engineers, particularly those in open source technology, are very challenging to find.”

Bensusen recently ran a report for a client in Berkeley who is looking for a software architect for mobile and cloud technology. Within a 30-mile radius for the last 6 months, there were about 850 active job seekers for over 21,000 roles available. This demonstrates, she says, that the candidate is back in the driver seat with more options than they know what to do with.

There are many pros to working at a non-tech company, starting with the opportunity to work on smaller teams.

(One benefit) Bensusen opinions, is a better life balance. Plus working for multiple industries makes a candidate well-rounded and provides experiences that could translate to any company, hi-tech or otherwise.

“Non-tech companies might not be as fast paced as a tech start-up that requires working very long hours,” she says. “An industry such as healthcare could appeal to someone who is passionate about helping others and increasing patient care outcomes. Job requirements may be less stringent with a non-tech company as it might be more open to skill set versus skill set plus industry experience.”

Bensusen says candidates want to believe in a company and its product, and feel they are making an impact. If a company can’t articulate that, they are going to have difficulty finding top talent.

“By offering perks such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting options, product discounts, sabbaticals, more vacation time, higher salaries, performance/project bonuses, sign on bonuses, group events, training, certifications and educational reimbursements and a defined career path, top talent will be attracted to your company,” she says.

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