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6 Steps to Make Your Recruitment Strategy Mobile-Friendly: Jay Barnett in Recruiting Trends

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Decision Toolbox Founder and CTO Jay Barnett bylines in the latest Recruiting Trends, providing its 25,000 readers with six easy tips for making a recruitment strategy mobile-friendly.

Excerpt from the article:

The loudest buzz in recruitment these days is about mobile recruiting, but don’t be intimidated by claims that it is revolutionizing the industry. You need to incorporate mobile into your overall recruitment strategy and it’s easier than you think.

An important point before we dive in: as with all digital communications, content is king. The best recruitment strategies will fall flat if the content is not engaging. With mobile communications, quality content is more important than ever – boring content is even worse on a small screen.

To read more, including the six tips, check out the article here on Recruiting Trends.

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