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5 Health Care Resume Hacks: Nicole Cox Advises

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Decision Toolbox Chief Recruitment Officer Nicole Cox‘s advice for health care resume improvements was sought for a article:  “5 health care resume hacks you just can’t ignore.”

Excerpt from the article:

The success (or failure) of every health care job application you submit hinges on your resume. And even if you’re a perfect fit for the position, you could miss the mark if you’re resume isn’t up to snuff.

So Monster asked Nicole Cox, chief recruitment officer at Decision Toolbox, a recruitment product and services company based in Irvine, California, how, with just a few tweaks, your health care resume can be transformed from just a Word doc into a powerful, interview-scoring machine. Cox has more than 10 years experience reviewing resumes from job seekers in the medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical industries to name a few, so check out her top five resume “hacks” and land the interview—and job—you want.

Check out Nicole’s 5 tips in the full article here.

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