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Holiday Job Shopping: Top Four Reasons to Keep Searching in December

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By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer
With Tom Brennan, Master Writer

Be honest: work gets just a little less of your attention during the festive season than it does the rest of the year, right? Not surprising, given how many other things suddenly appear on your to-do list, like shopping, visiting, attending services, sending cards . . . it’s busy! But there are some good reasons not to let the lamps go out on your holiday job searching.

Be the brightest bulb in the string of candidates by being available, flexible and interested in a change during this season. Not everything has to wait until after the holidays. At the end of an interview, drop a hint about how, by starting in December, you could begin ramping up to make an impact in the New Year. This will get the hiring manager (HM) thinking along the same lines. It’s a unique approach: before you’ve even started you’re trying to help the HM achieve his or her future goals. In addition, hiring managers can lose their budgets at the end of the year. They’ll want to make a hire in 2015 so that they can safeguard that position.

All is calm on the job market, even if it’s crowded and hectic at the malls. Fewer people are hunting for a new position, making it easier for you to stand out and showcase your skills and talents. You’ll have a bigger share of attention from recruiters and hiring managers, because so many other job hunters take a hiatus.

Festivities bring people together, as I wrote in my previous post on why HMs and recruiters should continue searching during this time. Whether it’s a celebration of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or some other holiday, a jolly gathering offers prime opportunities to network with just the right connections. Have business cards handy to pass out so others know how to reach you easily. Let the mingling begin!

Get on the nice list by showing you’re serious about a change. You could be using the holidays as an excuse to take it easy and put off your search. Instead, you’re  networking and communicating with a recruiter or potential employer, which shows initiative. It lets HMs and recruiters know that you take your career path — and their open position — seriously.

Some additional gifts you can give yourself this holiday season:

presentThe holiday lull gives you time to put a little sparkle into your résumé, both on paper and on LinkedIn. Make sure everything us up-to-date and, for a little extra jingle, list your accomplishments.


presentNew Year, new you! Take advantage of the holiday sales to get a few new things for your wardrobe. It will bring your confidence forward during the interview stage.


presentWith fireside chats and an all-around feeling of goodwill, the holidays are a natural time for building rapport. Whether you’re at a holiday event or an interview, you can start any conversation with stories of how you’re surviving the holidays.

It’s the season of miracles, but don’t just wait for a great new job to come tumbling down the chimney. Get out there and make those New Year’s dreams come true.


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