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Attitude Has a Big Impact

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By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer

When I started recruiting at Decision Toolbox back in 2003 we had a very different model. We didn’t have to source on most of our positions because our jobs were flooded with candidates. started in 1999 and CareerBuilder started in 1995. Google existed, but people weren’t Googling for jobs just yet. You posted a job and almost every position was flooded with candidates.

Fast forward to 2015 where you have a ton of social media, networking sites, resume databases, business card collection sites and the like. How could you not have access to every working soul on the planet? Well, you might have a way to access most people, but those people have information overload. Those people have learned how to turn off or ignore messages or even hide themselves now.

The Decision Toolbox model is now one where we aggressively source for passive candidates on every search. We call it the instant crescendo where we go after active and passive (candidates who aren’t looking) as soon as we open the position.

All across our industry we hear recruiters say we have to source on every job. Welcome to the profession of recruiting 2015! Not only do you have to source on every job, you have to source regularly. You have to be creative. You have to leverage systems to keep sourcing for you. You have to be efficient, effective and stay on top of sourcing techniques. That’s why we have over 137 topics in our on demand DT Sourcing University.

I think attitude is a huge part of overcoming an obstacle on a search or any problem we face in the business world.

Attitude? What makes me say that?

Let me give you an example from the recruiting world. Many times we hear our co-workers say, “I just can’t find anyone.” As soon as someone states, “I can’t _____,” they’ve owned the statement. Come on, you’ve heard it. You’ve probably said it. As soon as you say it then you throw a wall up in front of yourself.

If you change the language, then you free your thinking. I know, that sounds all free bird thinking, but it’s true. It’s about posture. Mom always said, “can’t never could do nothing.” She was right. I just never understood that until I was older. If I believe I can’t do something then I am absolutely right! If I believe there is a way then I will seek it and find it.

Change is Good

Change your language to something like: “I’m stuck on this problem, this is what I’ve tried and I could use your fresh ideas.” The change in your language will help you be OPEN to new ideas. Don’t let them go to waste. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people give new ideas only the receiver wasn’t open to them working, therefore, they didn’t put them into action.

We have to be willing to let new ideas to a solution work and put them into action.

Professional Bites:

  1. What in your business has changed over the years?
    1. Are you changing with the times?
    2. Are you providing access to ongoing education to your staff so they can stay current?
  2. Do you need an attitude adjustment?
    1. Your attitude has power. Are you inspiring, encouraging or deflating others around you?
  3. Are you open to new ideas? Be honest with yourself.


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