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Why “Recruitment as Usual” Won’t Work in 2015

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By Kim Shepherd, CEO
With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer


Business is heating up again. Others can be “cautiously optimistic,” but I’m flat out excited. The economy has been in a funk, companies have been in a fog, and I am way past being ready for things to turn the corner. In Part One of this blog series, I shared more about why I am excited about the coming year. I also explained why companies need to pay attention to “career right sizing.” Have a look. 

Of course, as we shift into higher gears, it’s also clear that, in the talent market, demand for good people far outstrips the supply. Here in Part Two I want to give my take on what’s different about recruitment in 2015. If you started adjusting your approach to recruitment in 2014, good for you. You’re a step ahead of many. But don’t settle in and get comfortable just yet — the competition for talent is about to get real.

Court, don’t screen . . . but strategically

I’m surprised that many executives still think of recruitment as an afterthought. Your company’s ability to attract and retain great talent is a major factor in your company’s potential success. Whatever you spend on recruiting, consider it a strategic investment in your company. Then make sure you have a clear vision and a robust understanding of the market to guide your strategy.

Probably the most important change is to shift your mindset from screening people out to courting talent in. Everyone talks about wanting and needing  “A” players. For me, the “A” is for accomplishment — “A” players accomplish more. So if you want to accomplish more than your competitors, you will need to give the “A” players a compelling reason to join you.

Get active with the passives

Any good recruiter will tell you that you need to source passive candidates — talent who have jobs and aren’t even looking. In 2015 just about all “A” players (and even the “B” and “C” players) will fall into the passive category. They already work at an employer of choice who provides a competitive salary and great benefits. You need to stand out in a very busy, noisy marketplace, and comp and benefits aren’t enough any more.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you are using a dusty old job description to spread the word, it’s probably sounding like the grownups in the old Charlie Brown shows: “Wah wah, wah wah wah.” Perk it up. Lead with the selling points and explain why THIS job is a candidate’s next big adventure.
  • Your open position has to stand out: what is the impact the candidate can make? What professional development opportunities are there? What makes your company culture unique?

At Decision Toolbox we accomplish this with a Jobinfo Writeup, a key tool we develop for just about every search we run. You can see an example here.


Challenge is the new perk

But one of the biggest draws in 2015 will be challenges that candidates can sink their teeth into. I’m not saying you won’t have to loosen your purse strings to get the best talent in 2015, because you will. But “A” players don’t leave for more money, they leave for new and more intriguing challenges. Define the vision for your open positions in terms of the challenge: “Take our inside sales program to the next level,” or “re-architect the framework for our cloud-based platform.” And once you land them, “A” players will want a new challenge every 12 or 15 months, especially if they are from Gen Y. The business landscape changes about that often anyway, so this approach will help your company stay creative and responsive.

Well, this is just the tip of the 2015 iceberg, at least as I see it. There will be a lot more to learn as the year unfolds, but one thing is sure: it’s going to be a fun ride!


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