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Hiring Managers Need to do Their Part in the Recruitment PARTnership

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer
With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer


Part 3 in our Series:  Help Your Recruiter Help You

The word “partnership” implies that everyone involved has a part in achieving success. If you are a hiring manager working with a recruiter, you should view this relationship as a partnership. True, the recruiter is providing a service and should do the legwork, but there are ways you can help your recruiter help you. In Part Two of this series I shared some of those ways, and here are more. The same goes for candidates. If you’re currently looking for a new opportunity, you can help your recruiter help you by following the advice in Part One.

Provide meaty feedback

After Randy Recruiter has presented some candidates, he needs quality input to help him hone the search. “I’ll know them when I see them” and “The résumé didn’t pop” is NOT very helpful. Instead, provide comments like, “I’d like to see more experience in project management.” True dialogue about why a candidate was or was not a fit will help you get the position filled faster.

Keep the recruiter in the loop

If you are talking with the candidate on your own, don’t keep the recruiter in the dark. Be on the same page. The recruiter isn’t there to work against you — in fact, if you and Randy provide a unified front, it will reinforce the message you want to communicate to the candidate.

Align ’em up

If your interview team isn’t aligned, the process can become a tug-of-war as people disagree over what they want in a hire. You don’t want your candidates watching that, and an ongoing tug-of-war will drag out the recruitment process. Before you even start looking, bring the team to the table and hash out what you want. Your recruiter can help by providing pre-search market insight so the team will understand what is realistic. 

Good old-fashioned courtship

You know your company is special, but in today’s market, great candidates have options. In almost every type of position, the number of active candidates is far lower than the number of open positions on the market. If you want top talent, you WILL need to court candidates. Start by clarifying why candidates would choose to leave the job they have and come work for you and your company. Be prepared to sell the opportunity and do your part to keep candidates warm during a long courtship. Understand from the beginning that you might need to pony up a little extra money to bring in the talent that helps your company grow.

The offer on the table

Your recruiter can be a great resource during the offer stage. Make sure Randy Recruiter doesn’t have a vested interest — for example, most contingency firms base their fees on a percentage of salary. But not all recruiting firms do this; at Decision Toolbox, for example, we’ve always been about keeping recruiting costs down, so we structure our fees differently. If you are confident that Randy is representing your interests, give him enough information to help you. Typically recruiters have more experience “pre-closing” candidates in general. Randy also has had several conversations with Candie Candidate and knows her hot buttons. Randy also can act as a buffer to keep things positive between you and the candidate. For example, if Candie starts negotiating, Randy can gently let her know that she is pushing her limits.

To wrap up, whether you are a candidate looking for the next great opportunity, or a hiring manager looking for the next great team member, your recruiter is more than just a resource — he or she is a partner. That means you, too, are a partner, and a little effort on your part will go a long way toward helping your recruiter help you.

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