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You Scratch My Back . . . How Hiring Managers Can Help Recruiters

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By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer
With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer


Part 2 in our Series:  Help Your Recruiter Help You

As a full service recruiting agency, Decision Toolbox is dedicated to doing the “heavy lifting” around recruitment and letting hiring managers (HMs) focus on their other important activities. Just the same, Rob Recruiter can’t be a full partner in the search unless the HM is, too. The same is true for candidates, and I described how they can help their recruiter in Part One of this series.  Over the next two installments, I’ll share how you, as a hiring manager, can help Rob Recruiter help you.

Examine your priorities

Getting the position filled can’t be more important to the recruiter than it is to the HM. Yes, Rob Recruiter has initial responsibility for identifying and screening talent, but this is your hire — someone who will impact your success over the next few years. As with any relationship, to get what you want and need, communication is key. Spend time up front communicating to clarify the needs, responsibilities and tasks of the role, and keep providing feedback throughout the search. The better the communication, the faster Rob Recruiter can find you just the right person.

You got to recognize

It’s important for you to be clear on what you want and need, but it’s a candidate’s market right now. Loren Miner, DT’s COO, shared in a recent blog that, while unemployment is down, the number of vacancies (many similar to yours) is as high as it has been in 13 years. Rob Recruiter knows the marketplace, so listen to his input and remain flexible. Chances are, you’ll have to adjust your strategy during the search, which may include revisiting the position’s scope and qualifications.

Haters don’t gotta hate, hate, hate

You would think we wouldn’t need to say this, but don’t ask your recruiter to discriminate. Comments like “I want someone young and energetic” may sound innocuous, but it can put you and your organization as well as the recruiter and his organization at risk. A good recruiter will be able to advise you on avoiding this pitfall.

Don’t go silent, Bob

Think back on your own job hunting experiences. If you’ve ever been in the situation in which you don’t get any feedback at all, positive or negative, you know it’s very frustrating. Shortly after you’ve interviewed a candidate, provide some feedback to the recruiter, who can then pass it on. Even “We’re still deciding” is better than no word at all. And it’s not just out of courtesy. Thanks to social media, the world is much smaller than it used to be, and reputations are more vulnerable. For one thing, if you don’t provide timely feedback, you may appear to be indecisive. On the other hand, if you help Rob Recruiter ensure that every candidate has a great experience — even if they are not hired — it will boost your employment brand.

It’s a good read

A good recruiter won’t just send you a résumé. Rob Recruiter should also provide notes, from an initial phone screen, that touch on the things he knows are important to you. That information may fill in gaps on the résumé, like specific accomplishment or examples of projects. At minimum the supplemental information should explain why this candidate fits the role, provide compensation information, and address any job changes. But you have to read it. It should make your job easier. For example, at Decision Toolbox we provide HMs with a candidate grid that enables them to compare candidates side by side, with scores highlighting how well each candidate addresses the HM’s buttons.

As you can see, I’m not asking you to put in extra hours or do any real recruiting work. But just a little effort can really help Rob Recruiter not only to fill your position, but also to add exceptional talent to your team.

Check out the final post in this series, which is all about partnership, partner.

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