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The Week After New Year’s, Decision Toolbox Style

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By Jay Barnett
Decision Toolbox Founder

Twas the week after New Year’s when all through DT
Not a creature was still – especially not you and me

Thanks to marketing, biz dev and the entire team
Whose actions with pride make us swell and beam

New clients are gathering at the virtual door
And old clients are lined up to come back for more

The biz dev team is writing more orders
Than a tetrahedron in a mirror within a mirror has borders

Operations is scheduling and booking up a storm
Knowing the great services we are about to perform

The writers are creating words of such beauty
Evoking lust like when a pirate views a freighter in Djibouti

To get the word out we turn to team media –
With the business we’re doing we sure do need ‘ya

The sourcers are sourcing, recruiters recruiting,
The callers are calling – about this there’s no disputing

That if you are a good prospect and you haven’t applied
It may take some time but there’s no place to hide

Client services tackles expansion and client issues
So beautifully that I have to get out the tissues

The team keeps growing – a great challenge for training
But true to form, in expertise we keep gaining

When it comes to quality, we all are obsessed
Wearing it proudly like a badge on our chest

Meanwhile invoices, collections and payouts keep mounting
All handled in stride by our crack team in accounting

Our ace engineers are creating new features
So phenomenal they evoke standing ovations from the bleachers

And if in RM code there surfaces a wrinkle
Thereon the magic fixit dust support will sprinkle

It’s a fact DT’s team is both noble and rare
In the commitment, integrity and passion we share

When we look at what truly lights our fires
It’s so much bigger than dollars and hires

For recruitment done well, such a worthy endeavor
Where we impact others’ lives and our own forever

This poem has been fun, but it’s surely no farce
Now let’s welcome 2015 by kicking some arse


Happy New Year, Decision Toolbox blog readers!  We look forward to seeing you around our virtual water cooler this year.  As always, if there’s anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us.

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