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2 More Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Reasons You Still Haven’t Found the Right Person for Your Team

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By Kathy Marshall, Director of Quality
And Tom Brennan, Senior Writer


Part Two: Tighten Up On Your Timing

Finding A+ candidates is taking a lot longer today than it did a year ago. In fact, time to fill is the longest it’s been in 13 years, according to John Zappe on, citing the DICE‐DFH Vacancy Duration Measure. When the talent market is tight, your recruiting efforts have to be even tighter. To help tighten it up, I’ve been sharing some Bad Ways you should avoid. We’ve run across them all too many times at Decision Toolbox. See Part One for the first three on this list, and stay tuned for more.

Bad Way #4: Dragging your feedback feet

In Part One I wrote that recruitment is like dating, and that’s a good analogy for this point. Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate who thought the interview went well . . . until a week passes without hearing from the employer. Like the icy silence after a date, it leaves you wondering. In today’s market you can bet there are other suitors lined up to woo that talent. Silence can send the wrong message, so be deliberate about sending the right one.

Recruitment should be a high-touch process, and those A+ candidates need even more contact. In fact, your interview process should be warm and engaging so that it draws candidates to your organization and sets the groundwork for a commitment. Even those you don’t hire should come away with a positive experience. A phone call is always ideal, but reach out however you can. In fact, you can stand out from the competition by sending a text: “Enjoyed meeting you. Will be in touch re: next steps.”

A timely response can also prevent negative exposure for your company, via social media. An undesirable post by a candidate can reflect poorly on your company’s employment brand. Don’t underestimate the power of negative social media: according to, a study by Convergys Corp. found that a single negative review on sites like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube can cost a company 30 customers. A+ candidates do their homework, and you want them to find nothing but positives out there.

Bad Way #5: Prolonging the interview process

Some companies follow a long and complex interview process – phone interview, several face-to-face interviews over different days, multiple assessments, and even sample assignments. You want to be thorough and diligent, of course, but that doesn’t have to take a long time. The main reason you want a shorter, simpler process is very basic: A+ players have other opportunities they are considering. If your team interviews a candidate Monday morning, the team should meet Monday afternoon for discussion. Then follow up with the candidate on Tuesday.

If you want the candidate to meet multiple people, try to schedule all the interviews in one day. If that’s not possible, remember to take the warm and engaging approach. Try, “I enjoyed our conversation and I would like to showcase you to our team through a mock presentation” Or you might say, “I want to make sure this is a good fit for you. Since you will be working closely with Carla, I really think you should meet her. Let’s look at her calendar.” Notice the HUGE difference between “I want to make sure you are a good fit for us” and “I want to make sure this is a good fit for you.”

Put the candidate’s shoes on again when you assess your interview process. If Candie Candidate pushes back when you ask her to come in to interview on three or four different occasions, that doesn’t mean she isn’t committed to your position. Think about it: if she is reluctant to blow off her current responsibilities, isn’t that a sign of high integrity? In fact, asking her to do so could make her wonder about the company culture and the integrity of asking someone to repeatedly shrug their commitments. If a multi-day interview schedule is unavoidable, consider breakfast or dinner meetings.

Takeaways: warm and engaging, and walk a mile in the candidates’ shoes. Now, if you want to know how a supply & demand report relates to the perfect snowflake, check out more Bad Ways.

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