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Who is Decision Toolbox? Our Team Answers

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Every year we ask our 100% virtual employees what they’d like to cover at our annual in-person meeting, and this year, as always, we received some great suggestions.  Questions that were submitted by many team members in different versions included “Who is Decision Toolbox?” and “What is the vision?”

Typical corporate culture dictates that the leadership team develops the company’s vision and identity  and communicates this down to the employees at ground level.

If you know anything about Decision Toolbox, you know we are anything but typical.

We are known for flipping the hierarchy and embracing a top-down, bottom-up style of management that encourages our employees to embrace an entrepreneurial approach to their jobs.    In that vein, our leadership team decided to address the answer to the Decision Toolbox vision and identity, but not in the way you might expect.

We began with an opening statement from CEO Kim Shepherd, who shared her inspirational vision for the company.  Kim’s vision is to empower the team to be all that each member wishes to be – whether that be a focus on career advancement, staying in and perfecting the current role, attaining better life balance, or something else.  The key is:  Decision Toolbox provides the vehicle…the team member provides the direction.  Following the meeting theme of Me Inc., We Inc., she reminded us that we are all pulling on the same side of the rope as we work together both as a team and in our individual roles.    While leadership sets the company vision, she revealed, the company’s identity is not something that comes from the senior team.  It comes from the entire team.

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So began our identity workshop, where we posted 9 themes on the wall around the meeting room:  innovation, process, community, financial health, communication, growth, empowerment, customer excellence and personal excellence.  Team members were instructed to join the theme that they identified with most.

All Staff 2014 Kelly 049

Once the groups were assembled, they set out to answer the question “Who is Decision Toolbox?” as it related to the theme they chose.

The result is nothing short of moving.  Remember that the following was not written by a company executive.  This is the Decision Toolbox identity, in our team’s own words.

2014 Decision Toolbox Identity

In the area of INNOVATION

DT is the recruiting company that invents technology and processes to enable performance excellence and deliver extraordinary results.


In the area of PROCESS

DT is the company with a recruitment process that is proven and efficient and can be successfully applied to any vertical.  Our method is transparent, scalable and measurable.


In the area of COMMUNITY

DT is the company that encourages an environment for internal and external camaraderie, support and outreach.



DT is the company that embraces incremental growth with effective and efficient cost containment; by recognizing the value of a stable leadership team, having SME’s in diverse industries resulting in low turnover and positive morale allowing DT to adapt to the fluid marketplace.


In the area of COMMUNICATION

DT is the company that provides both internal and external stakeholders with actionable, intentional, and transparent dialogue to create and sustain healthy partnerships.


In the area of GROWTH

DT is the company where growth is facilitated by our innovative people, processes and technology.


In the area of EMPOWERMENT

DT is the company that encourages an entrepreneurial approach, where questions and ideas are celebrated, and where you’re given the tools and partnerships for mutual success.



DT is the company as a consultative partner who is quality focused with an emphasis on integrity who goes above and beyond to exceed realistic expectations and by under promising and over delivering.



DT is the company that encourages your passions, individual and professional growth, in a healthy, meaningful, trusting, and flexible environment; while allowing you to challenge yourselves, learn from your mistakes through supportive interactions with your extended teams and leadership, so you can be your best successful you!



In case you missed it, check out the photo slideshow of our meeting, where you can see the faces of the incredible team who wrote the above.




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