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Customer Satisfaction is Key, but Employees are the Most Important

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Every company knows that keeping its customers happy is crucial to business success.  But most companies approach this goal in a pattern something like this:

  • Write up a Vision Statement with some sort of phrasing around the idea that customer satisfaction is paramount
  • Hand out said Vision Statement to employees (ooh! maybe even hanging up some banners in the office!)
  • Expect employees to go make customers happy

This kind of top-down management is lacking a crucial step in the process.  What about your employees?   Why should they care?  If you think the answer is to keep their jobs, then you’re part of the problem, and your lofty Vision Statement isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The missing link here is to develop a company culture that inspires your employees to take care of the customer, not one that tells them to.  They take care of the customer because they feel taken care of, and their passion for the product or service you provide is the driving force to be a company ambassador to your clients.

Culture is the heart and soul of your vision—it is what you want your baby to grow up to be. And this doesn’t mean how big or how much—it is what your company will mean to the people who work with you. When work has meaning, people have passion, and when people are passionate they become more than “workers”—they become a committed, unstoppable force.

Kim Shepherd, CEO of Decision Toolbox in her book – The Bite Me School of Management

In his recent articleRon Thomas says “Hire the best talent and treat them like your best customer.”

Ron surmises that thinking is more important than ever today because the worker mindset is different. They are in no way obligated to work for you.  If they are talented, they can pick up their ball and move to another playground. No longer are you the only ship in the sea. If you do not take care of them collectively, they can just as easily “walk across the street.”

In her white paper, Kim Shepherd gives practical advice for creating the cultural glue in your company that will give employees meaning and purpose, and that’s what motivates people to give their best.  Only then will you find your Vision Statement is less about words on a piece of paper, and more of a living, breathing, cultural PASSION for achieving customer satisfaction.

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