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Web of Inclusion: Tips to Improve Organizational Communication

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By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer

Web of inclusion refers to dynamic connectedness. In order for any organization (especially virtual organizations) to be successful they have to be dynamically connected. As a 100% virtual workforce “cloud organization,” this means we need live-time access to data about positions, large projects, systems changes, sales pipelines, training and the like at all times. Communication is a HUGE factor to keep everyone connected (a.k.a. informed).  Access to this live-time data reinforces trust because you can see that other parties are handling their part of the process.

Some of the ways we promote dynamic connectedness at Decision Toolbox include:

Job Comments: Each recruiter has a slate of positions on their virtual workbench. Any time of day sales, quality, leadership, a sourcing partner or a number of other people may look at that project to understand how things are going. This helps set them up for success when they are reaching out to get new business or to check on a client’s satisfaction level. Therefore, our recruiters keep their job comments current. If they didn’t this would slow things down as the work day is interrupted by trying to get the necessary information.

Loops: This is a communication tool that takes us out of email. A single topic is put into our Loop system. It includes only those who need to be in “the loop”.  This is great for collaboration on a concept, following-up on action items or creating agendas for a future conversation. Those in the Loop can remove themselves from the Loop when they desire or their attention is no longer necessary.

News Flash: Every week we have a newsletter that goes to our entire organization. Each department has an entry. This helps everyone feel connected to the rest of the company.

Professional Bites:

Whether your organization is in the same four walls or in a cloud it’s important to understand the impact sitting in the dark creates.  Is your company’s communication style inclusive or exclusive? If you desire an inclusive, collaborative, innovative culture then you need to drive that by providing access to information and collaboration.

Some tools that are already available to help you share data:

Google Drive




Tools to help you pull your clients into communication with you:


I hope you learned some tips to help your organization weave a web of inclusion.  Stay connected, my friends!

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