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Continuous Learning: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

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By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer

Benefits of and Tips to Create a Continuous Learning Environment

Many organizations claim to be continuous learning environments. Does your organization claim to be and can you stand behind that label? This is a microblog so we are just going to scratch the surface of this topic in this post.

In continuous learning environments employees have:

  • Access to learning regularly
  • Participative learning opportunities
  • Critical learning opportunities

At Decision Toobox (DT), we have live and on-demand access to training. We hold Training Mondays that are held live and also recorded and stored in our Decision Toolbox University (DTU) learning center for on demand training 24/7. In 2013 we had over 200 training opportunities. Here are the rotating Training Monday training sessions:

  • DTSU (Decision Toolbox Sourcing University) – a sourcing skill is taught or a resource is reviewed.
  • Journey to the Center of Recruiting Machine – our recruiting platform, Recruiting Machine, is built by DT. We improve features throughout the year and want everyone to be familiar with the recent changes.
  • Dodgeball – several ideas, questions or topics can be tossed on the table. Everyone can participate in dialogue. Usually more than one focus is covered during this session.
  • Critical learning opportunities are training sessions that arise regarding industry specific compliance. They protect the employees, company and clients. We conduct these training sessions live, provide on demand access and follow-up with a quiz to verify retention. These are on an as-needed basis.

Tiger Teams – these sessions are focused on one topic to troubleshoot. No idea is a bad one. Concepts leap frog until a solution is developed.

Chit Chats – these are trend discussions where a small group comes together to discuss the latest in recruitment. A summary is then sent out to the entire company and stored in our online DTU learning center.

We have 3 virtual All Staff meetings and one live All Staff meeting throughout the year. These are team bonding and information sharing across the organization. At times outside guests will be invited for spicy input.

It is rare that one individual conducts the training. We will pull a subject matter expert from the team to train the rest of the group. Through dialogue we all learn from each other.

Professional Bites:

How can you help your organization become a continuous learning environment?

  • Provide many gateways to access learning opportunities and material.
  • Allow for mistakes. In fact, reward them. That’s where the best lessons are birthed.
  • Follow-up on critical learning opportunities.

Why create a learning culture?

  • Improved customer service because your employees understand how your organization works and handles situations.
  • Innovation comes when learning. Innovation increases the longevity of the organization.
  • Improved performance through efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Increase trust, improve relationships and develop a greater ability to deal with change.

Future microblogs will highlight our mentoring program, learning groups and certification programs that reinforce our continuous learning belief system.

How is your organization focused on continuous learning?  Post your initiatives in the comments section, and we can all learn from each other!

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