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5 More New Year’s Resolutions For Hiring Managers

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer
With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer

Part 2 in our series: Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions For Hiring Managers and Candidates

Recruiting is like a dance between the hiring manager (HM) and candidate, and it’s all too easy for one partner to step on the other’s toes. At Decision Toolbox (DT) we’ve seen our share of toe blows, and they can undermine an otherwise smooth-running recruitment process. Like an Arthur Murray dance coach, we’re offering advice on how to keep the recruitment rumba rewarding and rhythmic in 2014.

In Part One I presented the first five of our top ten New Year’s Resolutions for hiring managers. Here is the second five, and I’ll follow that with a two-part look at the top ten resolutions for candidates. And keep an eye out for a “bonus” Part 5 — résumé tips for candidates.

6. Full disclosure vs. scare tactics

Every job has challenges, and too often good people come on board only to quit within three months because something was not as they expected it to be. As a hiring manager, you should be forthcoming about those challenges, but don’t use them to test the candidate’s commitment. You shouldn’t ask if the candidate is willing to work 60 to 80 hours a week unless that’s a real expectation (if it is, ask human resources to review your staffing needs!). Instead, ask about the kind of hours the candidate is used to working, and let the candidate know that this isn’t a 9 to 5 job — few are these days.


7. Top talent makes you shine

Henry Hiring Manager avoids candidates who are stronger or more experienced than he is. He’s afraid they’ll make him look bad or — worse — replace him. Top leaders know the opposite is true. Bringing on great talent helps the company. Your new hire will help you achieve your goals and you’ll get credit for finding a great new asset. DT CEO Kim Shepherd is fond of quoting Lee Iacocca: “I hire people brighter than me and then get out of their way.”

8. It’s cheaper to keep her (or him)

Recruitment is just the beginning! Once you’ve found someone, take a proactive approach to treating the newbie right. Set Nellie Newhire up for success with training and constructive feedback and make sure she knows she is appreciated. You don’t have to be a cheerleader or her new BFF, but if Nellie gets negative vibes or is left to flounder, she’s likely to move on. And that means you’re spending time and money starting the recruitment process all over again.

9. Show me the market value!

In a competitive market, the talent you want is probably working already. Recruiters work hard to find these “passive” candidates, who aren’t even looking for a change. If Henry Hiring Manager “lowballs” a passive candidate, he’s likely to lose that candidate — would YOU leave a decent position to make less money elsewhere? This means Henry also needs to give some thought to managing internal equity. At current market, a candidate’s expectations may be higher than what Henry is paying existing employees. We don’t have space to tackle this complex issue here, but ask your HR partner about the company’s internal and external equity policies.

10. A degree of latitude

We love hearing HMs say, “A degree is great, but I’m more interested in experience.” A college degree is great (stay in school, kids!) but not having one doesn’t equate to incompetence any more than having one guarantees competence. This is not to say you should throw the doors open wide, but don’t reject a well-qualified candidate just because he or she doesn’t have a degree — especially if your recruiter has already screened them and thinks there might be a fit.

Well, HMs, here’s to a great year in 2014! In my next post I’ll share advice for candidates.

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